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Drowned Visions

Drowned Visions

Product Information
Drowned Visions is the 7th CD compilation from Dark Horizons. This compilation is limited to 100 copies, with 36 already reserved - 1 for each of the bands on the CD.

Track Listing:

Disc One -
  • Cellmod – You Destroy featuring Jared Lambert (Destroyer Remix)
  • Missfit Toys – Puzzle Pieces
  • Access Zero – Draw The Line
  • PRODUKT – Cyanide + Candy
  • Beryl Beloved – Last Rites
  • Ad Inferna – Resurrection (Consumer Junk Remix)
  • Society Burning – Nausea ad Nauseam (Kinky Sex and Breakfast Mix)
  • for all the emptiness – no paradise
  • Platform One – A Time Without Decay
  • Blackcentr – Down
  • UCNX – Consequence Brings (Remix by Noonatac)
  • Impurfekt – Ashes
  • Systemshock – You're Fake I'm Real
  • Distaudio – Submit
  • Gross National Produkt – Dominator (Dark Horizons Mix)
  • Black Ring – Sineater
  • NTR – The Blue Ones [Dark Mix]
  • Kronik Kondition – Intensity (Edit)
Disc Two -
  • Cryogen Second – Divide
  • Carved Souls – On My Own
  • Dragonfly Lingo – The Vortex
  • Negative Format – Blood Red Sky (Dark Horizons)
  • Call Me Alice – Come Home
  • The Ludovico – Technique This Life Remix (Remixed by God Experiment)
  • ien oblique – Days Of Happiness
  • Refracted Light – Your Hands
  • The Mission Veo – Photo
  • Alpha Point – Alive (Inferro Mix by Black Pimpf)
  • Psy'Aviah – OK
  • Level 2.0 – Abandon
  • You Shriek – Ever and Anon (DHR Strobe Light Mix)
  • Mordacious – Frightened
  • The Machine In The Garden – Scathefire
  • STandART – Hydrology
  • Cyanide Regime – Deceptions
  • Savi0r – Unwritten Law (RoboHammer Remix)

Price includes shipping anywhere in the world.

Price: $25.00

Product Code: DHRDV
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